Just The 3 Of Us poster.jpg

A film by Cathy Garcia Molina under Star Cinema, with John Lloyd Cruz and Jennilyn Mercado for Just The 3 Of Us. A ronmatic comedy film set in the lives of two strangers meeting in a weird situation and created a connection in an instance.  The story revolves in the lives of Uno (played by Cruz) who is an eager pilot who will do anything to move up his career and before his training began, he partied with his friends that got him drunk and hook up with CJ (played by Mercado) who got a crush at him. In a hot moment, they did it and after months, CJ stalk Uno to tell him that he will be a father. The loner pilot entering the life of the crazy training stewardess training to raise the child he might not be the father or he is. The craziness of the CJ character gives the movie life, its like the balance of the whole film. Uno, holds grudges to his father who never acknowledge and left him. I never thought that this movie is so much funny. I am thinking that the movie will be great cause of Jennilyn but the situations, directions and acting, its really a great movie to watch.


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