I was looking for a good horror film that I want to watch, the I stumbled to this movie, Before I Wake. The original movie title of the film is Somnia but later retitled. A few weeks ago, I saw the trailer for the film and I got all excited. This is a story about a boy who is afraid to sleep cause every time he sleeps and dreams it became reality. I must say that’s its a gift and a curse at the same time. A new family adopted him who recently losses their son in an accident. It gives that drama, suspense and horror in the movie which I really like and the fact that there is a monster going to kill his adopted family. I was amazed by the kid cause he is trying to be awake so he cant see the monster but his adopted family forces him to sleep to see their dead son. I feel that its a slash fantasy film cause its not heavy in the scary things. The film is like Mama but the ending is beautiful. Not that to hardcore with the horror and suspense but Im sure you will love this film.


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