Last weekend, we went to Pangasinan to end my summer of 2016 and our destination is Villa Balinmanok Dasol, Pangasinan. Because this is a weekend get away, I packed my bag (actually over packed) and get ready to go to Pangasinan around 5 AM, Saturday. We will go to the resort Sunday but we are travelling to Pangasinan a day before beach day to prepare (and also it’s Effy’s birthday celebration).  Travelling from Manila to Rosales will take only 2 to 3 hours of travel time via a private car. Make sure you have your food, water, swimsuit, toiletries and changing clothes.

Sunday, we left Rosales around 4 in the morning with everybody. It’s like a big family outing. Before the sun rise, we are on the road. We tried using waze and there are two ways in getting to the place, you can do the way via Tarlac if you are going directly to the place or once you exit in Rosales via TPLEX, just turn left and go straight ahead. Then use Waze (its very useful). From Rosales going to Dasol is almost 3 to 4 hours ride depending on the traffic cause by passenger jeepneys, big trucks, motorcycles and tricycles.

There is a point on the road where you can saw a Tambobong sign in a plywood and you need to turn right. The road going there is a little curvy and not for overtaking. There is a point on the road where you can stop and you can have this New Zealand view like the photo of the sister’s Elsie and Sheree.Driving this road will take 20 to 30 minutes drive. When you reach your destination, their is a tarpulin on the left side of the road with the name of the resort. If you are driving a little faster you might missed it.

Once you entered the resort is a bumpy ride to the public area where the cars are not properly parked and you can rent/ bring your own tent, its the public area for day tours. From that area, we drove to an uphill road and we arrived to our beach front cottages. And yes you can bring your car to the cottages near the beach. I must say that this cottages can be rented 1300php for day tour but for an overnight, that I dont know. The cottages do have its own screen for flies, a two plugs for charging, electric fan, 3 foams and pillow.

It’s not really that amazing from the beach front view. The sand are like Boracay sand but in a light yellow way. There are also alot of seaweeds and thrash and makes impossible for anyone to swim. Maybe, because summer time is almost over and its raining from time to time. A little walk to the grass part, there is a small sandbox area where kids can play sand and its a nice feature of the resort.


A little work to the left side of the beach, you will see a big house that you can rent if you are a big family. A few walks, there is a public cr which is good from the outside but the comfort room for male is not working properly so we ended up using the female comfort room.  A 2 – 3 minutes walk, you will arrive to a great part of the beach where the sand are much cleaner, water much clearer, a little rocky and there is a rock formation you can climb for added attraction. Also you can walk to the water to a  rock formations in the water.

On the beach, you can set up a place under a tree where you can leave your things to go swimming. The water do have that nice temperature and just walk a little furhter from the shore cause its rocky at the shore but good a little far. Its nice and quite and that summer breeze touching your skin. When its low tide, there is path where you can walk to a group of rocks that you can take a picture from. Me, I didnt attempted to cause i dont have a camera for it but its amazing walk.

When you get tired of swimming, you can clim this rock formation. Its like groto. The road going up there is is nice and there are stairs and also it have spikey stones. The formation shows the full view of the beach and its really gorgeous. At the middle part of that formation is a gazebo that you can relax and enjoy the amazing view. When you walk a little further,  you stand at the edge and taake beautiful pictures, and on the other side, the rock formations are amazing but i wasnt able to capture it.

My Dasol experience is great cause I’m with a family. Like Effy said on her status in facebook, ” We didn’t realize we are making memories we just knew we were having fun”. I might go back to this resort if they can improve some of their amenities. Its the sand, sun, water and friends makes amazing beach outing.

*Photo credits from Elsie and FB status from Effy.



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