Official poster shows The X-Men Team with Professor X sitting on his famous wheelchair, together with the Horsemen and the film's titular enemy Apocalypse behind them with a big close-up over his head and face, with nuclear missiles flying into the air, and the film's title, credits, billing and release date below them and the film's slogan "Only The Strong Will Survive" above.

The ninth installment of the X-Men Movie series, X-Men Apocalypse is the third sequel from the X-Men past. Bryan Singer directed the film and I must say that its the best sequel in the series. The movie plot is about the first mutant ever existed, Apocalypse who wanted to kill all human kind and let the world ruled by mutants. I also give us the idea on how Apocalypse assembles his four horsemen who are Storm (yes, I never imagine she will be an enemy first), Psylocke, Archangel and Magneto. The Xavier school for mutants also gave us the look of younger mutants with new actors. It also shows how Charles Xavier became bold, the son of Magneto, Quicksilver, appearing in the scene, a glimpse of Scoot Summer’s brother havoc, and the Phoenix. The effects are superb, its not like a CGI without sense. The story of the film gives us amazing story lines and its not all over the place film. The upcoming plots of the film series is also exciting because it might introduce a new villain, Mr Sinister and a possible Dark Phoenix. I must say, I have enjoyed this movie more than Captain America: Civil War. The Quicksilver scene where he is about to save everybody from the Xavier School For The Gifted exploded is so fun and especially with the pizza and the dog. Its a movie you shouldn’t miss.


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