A portrait of a young woman with brown hair, posing with her eyes half-closed, while donning a purple top.

Track List:
1. Watch Me Do
2. Me Too
3. NO
4. Better feat. Yo Gotti
5. Hopeless Romantic
6. I Love Me feat. LunchMoney Lewis
7. Kindly Calm Me Down
8. Woman Up
9. Just A Friend To You
10.I Wont Let You Down
11.Dance Like Yo Daddy
12.Champagne Problems
13.Mom feat. Kelli Trainor
15.Thank You feat. R City

Im not expecting this type of music from Meghan Trainor with her second album Thank You Deluxe Edition cause its very rebellious, funk with RnB, dance and pop sound. The regular album gives you 12 tracks from 3 additional tracks for the Deluxe Edition. Also she does have a new look and that new hair color really feels different on her. Opening the album is Watch Me Do, gives that cross over to an 80’s beat with the clap part that I’m sure the track will be like. The second single from this album gives a very bubble pop with the tamburine sound, Me Too, its very fun and a song that you can done to. The first time I heard the first single from this album, NO, I feel that this track will not be a hit but what will it do if i will try to listen to the track again. I must admit that my first impression with the song is not correct because I’ve learn to love the sound with that rebellious sound and being a woman that no one can control. Better gives that slow chill sound and the rhythm of the song gives you nice heat from the sun in a windy day. Stripping most of that pop/dance sound for the song Hopeless Romantic, gives you that acoustic guitar that is not very Trainor but its still a nice to listen to. If there is a track in the album that I can say to be a next single is Kindly Calm Me Down. Moving from her regular sound but keeping her soul to the track makes it amazing. An empowering women track, Woman Up, gives you a teaser at the beginning then giving that Rihanna sound in the first stanza then an Jamaican beat and it’s one of my favorite track in the album. I Wont Let You Down is another fantastic from this album and it gives that grooving beat and beautiful lyrics that I can murder the repeat button from my phone and its a nice single in the future. Singing with her mother, Kelli Trainor in the single Mom gives all the mom love in the world. The best in track in the album is Thank You featuring R City that gives listeners a easy to listen music for this music. Also love the lyrics of the song and the simplicity of its message. I know that the album is very different from the first one, but one thing I am for sure, she’s really good in creating good music that everybody will love.


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