Track List:
1. At Night, Alone
2. I Took A Pill in Ibiza
3. Not That Simple
4. Be As You Are
5. In The Arms Of A Stranger
6. Silence feat. Labrinth
7. Iris
8. Only God Know
9. Jade
10.One Hell Of A Song
11.Buried In Detroit
12.Thank You
13.I Took A Pill In Ibiza Seeb Remix
14.Not That Simple Kyle Tree Remix
15.Be As You Are JordanXL Remix
16.In The Arms Of A Stranger Brian Kierulf Remix
17.Silence feat. Labrinth Sluggo & Loote Remix
18.Buried In Detroit feat Big Sean Lucas Lowe Remix

Mike Posner is back with a new album, At Night, Alone is his second offering to people who love music.The album is compose of 12 tracks and 6 remix track where you can hear mature to the lyrics, the basics of his music that why you will love this listening to this album. Opening the album is an intro which is less than a minute voice intro to the album, At Night, Alone followed by the album’s first single I Took A Pill In Ibiza which he sang beautifully accompanied by an acoustic guitar. The first time I have heard the song, I feel it like his first singles from his first album Cooler Than Me and Please Dont Go cause its a remix version and I like the acoustic feel to the original version. Not That Simple introduce the song with a piano play and I must admit that listening to the lyrics gives me the truth on his music. Talking about life is not easy , Be As You Are, played in a regular band set up. I feel like listening to an almost orchestra feel tone, In The Arms Of A Stranger, based on the lyrics it feels like love but it doesn’t and it’s really nice listen. Giving a funk/rock sound in the track Silence with simplicity of the sounds, tone, rhythm and I love the beautiful lyrics. The song also features Labrinth for that balance sound for the track. With the whole that you are pretending to be are all in the track Iris, it gives that slow ballad that i really like. Only God Know is an acapella track and I think, its my least favorite from the album. I gives Posner’s raw voice and maybe a little all over the place. I Took A Pill In Ibiza Seeb Remix is track i heard for this first single that’s the reason when the acoustic version had been release in thinking that it like a cover. This is the Mike Posner type of music that I’m used of hearing. The track is a club/dance floor heat that you can dance to by a slow sexy movement of your body. Not That Simple Kyle Tree Remix, just like the Ibiza remix, I do love listening to this club track. Sounding like a Bow Chicka Wow Wow single, Be As You Are JordanXL Remix, gives that electro feel to the track and it given the track much more life. Buried In Detroit Lucas Lowe Remix gives that club beat with the rap part done by Big Sean with a country feel to the mix. I know that he gives strong and maturity for his lyrics and sound but he is a hit with club sounding tracks than basic guitar, piano and basic intruments.


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