Warcraft Teaser Poster.jpg

The first time I heard that the Warcraft game will be updated to the big screen, in my mind, can they pull this off? The fantasy film was directed by Duncan Jones and its tells the beginning of the war between humans and orcs. It tells the story of the world of orcs dying. This clan of orcs requires life to support the gate and they’ve captured human to get life. One of the character that I like is Gul’dan who is a soccerer and young Khadgar who is his apprentice crossing paths with two worlds. I have read some of the reviews for this film and most of them are negative and didn’t do well in the box office. Well, one of the reason, I think is the love story between the human and orc. I must say that it’s kinda gross. I must say that there are some scenes that are kinda brutal especially at the first part but it’s all good by the end.I also like the fantastic graphics and effects that is really out of this world and just like the game version gives that  chair lifting moment. The idea of a teaser at the very end is nice, opening the relationship of human and orc leaving in peaceful in one world. Im hoping that a sequel is being plan and will be seeing a bigger plot for the world of Warcraft.


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