Conjuring 2.jpg

When I first watched The Conjuring, I was scared as hell cause of the supernatural horror it gives to movie goers. So when it was announced that there is a sequel is being planned, I’m so excited also a spin of movie Annabelle is the best. The Conjuring 2 is directed by James Wan bring back Ed Warren played by Patrick Wilson and Lorraine Warren played by Vera  Farmiga gives the best directing and acting for a horror film. This time, their supernatural adventure takes them to United Kingdom to assist the Hodgson family who is being disturb by a ghost of the previous owner of the house. That evil nun that is included in the film is like Annabelle at the first one and she is really scary. I must say that story is simple with few characters and it will make you scream where you are watching. The scary factor of the film is to the highest but the first movie is still scarier than this one. They are also a plan sequel for Annabelle and The Nun based on the devil nun in the film. Its really a must watch.


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