1. Barya Lang (Intro)
2. Hoy
3. Sukli
4. Industriya featuring KZ Tandingan
5. Sagwan featuring Monty Macalino
6. Kalye featuring Yosha
7. Payag
8. Ang Probinsyano featuring Ebe Dancel
9. Sukli Acoustic Version featuring Miro Valera

The 8th studio album of one of the premium rapper in the Philippines, Gloc 9 giving his fans rap songs from Sukli. The album talks about social relevant issues using his songs. The LP do have 9 tracks. Introducing the album is Barya Lang (Intro)which is just a short skit with a man talking to him telling him to just give him change. Hoy is the lead single from the album that talks about that unique living experience is good here and no other place. Sukli features Maya gives the message that with hardship comes the fruits of all it. Industriya with KZ Tandingan,feels like a bossa nova vibe with the guitar play. Tells the rise and fall of being a celebrity in this type of industry. Sagwan with Monty Macalino,giving the narrative story of life and experinces of seamens. Kalye featuring Yosha,One of the best song from this album tells the different stories of streets in the metro. Another nice track with Ebe Dancel, Ang Probinsyano, gives that fast band feel tells the story of person from the province success and failure. Miro Valera lends his voice with an acoustic version of Sukli which I think is better than the other version. I know that this album tells storys about hardship, struggles, success and failure and it gives diversity on sounds and rhythm but its little disappointing cause the songs dont have the great factor that im looking for unlike from his previous album. It feels like the album sounds the same as his previous album tracks. But I feel that this album will be repackage with additional tracks.



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