Track List:
1. Sige Lang
2. Champions
3. Walang Hanggan
4. Digmaan featuring Julianne Tarroja
5. No Greater Love featuring Clara Benin
6. Better Days
7. Paborito featuring Reese Lansangan
8. Kalawakan featuring Aicelle Santos
9. Golden
10. Speed Of Light
11. Saludo
12. Higher

Im really waiting for a new album from Quest and this 2016, he finally released his studio album Life Of A Champion which composed of 12 fantastic tracks. I can label his songs as sosyal rap pop but still rooting with his Filipino side. He also sang great motivational songs that I really like. Sige Lang is one of that motivational song that im talking about, which gives a good message and the rhythm is very catchy. Champions gives the advise to be a champion not just for your self but for everybody. I love the Bridge part of this song, “High five, Fist bump”. Walang Hanggan is one of my favorite song in this album, when you read the lyrics of this song, it shows how he is holding on in a relationship that is falling down. It also tells you did everything but everything is not enough.Its the saddest song ever written that I have listen. Digmaan with Julianne Tarroja, talks about not giving up and winning the battle of life. No Greater Love, gives that Im yours, Your Mine and me against the world drama with Clara Benin. My favorite song from this album is Paborito with Reese Lansangan says all the things I like to tell the person that I like in a very sweet simple way. This song murdered my repeat option. Another nice song is Kalawakan by Aicelle Santos that love doesnt have any end and its big like the Universe. The track gives the mix of rap with Aicelle voice is a good combination. A great way to describe his love to someone using superheroes with the track Speed Of Life and its a great track to listen to. Saludo is one of the first singles from this album, is a celebratory song for all people who shows strenght with all the challenges in life. This is the best Filipino album for 2016 for me cause its just the sounds and rhythm but also the greatness of the lyrics. This is a must listen album.


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