I know that travelling is what we love most and mymost recently travel, I went to a place I have visited a few months ago, the Ilocos Region. I know travelling to Ilocos is always a challenge for commuters so I tried how far i can go with my commuting skills. My companions namely Dave, Totz and Chanlyn left Manila Friday morning (July 22, 2016) so before late afternoon or night time, they will be in Vigan and because I still have work Friday night so I fulfilled my job first. The first struggle that I have encountered is whether to ride a bus or a plane. Riding a bus will be definitely a challenge cause it will be 10 hours ride while on the plane its almost one hour. There are two bus companies that I can ride
going to Laoag (cause they will be travelling fromVigan to Laoag Saturday morning July 23, 2016). There is the Farinas bus line, first morning trip is 5:30 and its first class, but going to there bus station is a challenge to me cause I dont want to travel from Makati to Sampaloc MM early morning even if I will get a uber or grab car. The other bus station is in Cubao which is Partas and same time and bus type. Also the fare is around 750php. Not bad, right. If I will travel by plane going to Laoog, its like 30 minutes to an hour plane ride but it will cost me 4000+ php. And you know me, I just a poor boy travelling to places in a tight budget. So I decided to take the bus.

Well packing this travel is easy cause I send all my clothes with Dave when they travel Friday so I got no clothes to bring. But still I grab my handy red back pack, put some clothes I can change to after my shift ended, my neck pillow which is super handy and my selfie pod. My shift ended 3 am and i walked right away where I can ride a bus going to Cubao. And yes for 18php, I travelled from Makati to Cubao in an ordinary bus. I like this type of buses a lot cause they are dangerous, always in a hurry and I think drivers the company are hiring are F1 racers. You wont believe that the ordinary bus travelled for around 30 minutes from Makati to Cubao with a little chances of loading and unloading passengers. I started to walk in the streets of Aurora Bvld and I know its really scary even for a guy like me. I navigated to the streets of Aurora, looking for the right street to turn where the Partas bus is. With the street dwellers, street dogs and the the sound of busy tricycles going back and forth, I’ve found my way to Partas Bus Station. By the way, you might ask me why didnt I take tricycle from Aurora Bvld to Partas, well I might get rape by the tricycle drive and might not make it to Laoag in time.

Partas bus station is like a big puzzle maze cause the first entrance I saw is a bus entrance so the security guard whistled me not to enter there but in the main entrance. I walked a little and Im here. The first thing I did is to go to the ticketing window and ask, when the bus going to Laoag will arrive and how much will be the fare would be. Then I enter this allegedly air conditioned room where other passengers are waiting for their buses to arrive.I was observing them and the lady guard shouted “Oh yung mga pa Laoag”. Then I
immediately when to her and ask where i can buy the ticket and she said that I can just purchase the bus ticket in the bus. Im already sitted in the bus and then I felt that I need to make wiwi. I talked to the kunduktor na to live me cause I will make wiwi. I rushed to the comfort room where you need to pass where the lady guard is, their admin office, their
locker room. Their bathroom is smelly I should say but tolerable. Then I went back to the bus.

(Photo credited to Chanlyn, Dave and Totz)


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