Traveling to Laoag is literally a long travel. We are 5 in the bus when we first take off the Cubao bus station. The fare from Cubao to Laoag is less than 750 php. When I asked Kuya Kunduktor how long the travel will be, because its a day trip so it will take 12 to 13 hours. WHAT!?!?!? When the bus is moving, I pulled up my neck pillow and slept. I woke up in Tarlac where additional passengers rode and I woke up again in SM Rosales. The bus travelled from Cubao to SM Rosales in the regular road for at least 3 hours. Then the whole
ride started to go slow cause passengers are coming and going. I slept and woke up from time to time. As far as I can remember in the whole travel, the bus shown 3 movies, finished alot of songs from Westlife, J Brothers and other OPM artists. The whole time im in the bus, I never drink any liquids, eaten puto, pugo and Max candy. I tried to entertain myself by checking my facebook and playing HIT.

I arrived in Laoag around 7pm. My butt really hurts from my long sit. There are almost 8 stop overs and I just went down once to make wiwi.I must say that the Partas bus station is far from the municipal hall. I went down the first stop in the city of Laoag. Using Waze, I navigate in the streets and meet with Dave. I said to him that we need to go to the hotel first and have a shower. We stayed in Isabels Suites which is close to eveything. Its in front of Jollibee which is open 24/7. I quickly took a bath and went to Macy’s Diner which is a block away from our hotel. Its like the 80s Diner in Baguio. The ambience is very 80s from
the decorations, lightings and displays are all nice. The only dissappointing thing about the diner they serve more ulam and kanin food and I feel it doesnt suit the looks of it.

Its almost closing time when we arrived so mostly not available like Sizzling Chicken, Sizzling Beef Tender Loin and everything that has chicken in the menu. We ordered Sinigang na Hipon which Chanlyn said not clean, old and not that maasim. The lomi i ordered is delicious and its weird too cause they are using flat noodles. Bagnet is ever amazing with that sweet and spicy sawsawan which brings my BP up. The sweet
chicken is like the chicken style in one of the restaurant in Baguio that i have forgotten the name. Well, because im hungry, everything taste good. Then they started to close the lights, sign that they are about to close. Because we are afraid to get hungry and dont have toilet things, we went to SM hypermarket. I never thought and its the only SM
Hypermart that is split into two floors. The first floor do have the veggies, meats,drinks and Watson. On top of my head, “is this it?”. I have asked one of the
salesman and told me that there is another floor of groceries. So we went up and buy toiletries and chitchirya.


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