After the Sand Dunes experience, weve returned to the hotel and prepared to go to Pagudpud. The travel from Laoag to Pagudpud is around 1 hour to 30 minutes. The
whole ride was driven by Totz. We are supposed to go first to the Patapat Viaduct but on the way to that place, we saw Burgos Lighthouse. A year ago, I walked to the high road to saw this lighthouse. So I decided to let them (Chanlyn, Dave and Totz) to go to it while
I buy a sando for my father. After I explored the stores, I still climb to the lighthouse but this time, Im not able to take pictures inside the rooms but I climb to it. We took some pictures and we tried to do so stair shoots using Go Pro but failed. Then we continue to travel.

We pass by Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos then we stop again. After a year, it loks the same. Maybe more stores and less tourist. A reminder to the tourist, please dont stop in the middle of the road to take pictures of the windmills cause there are alot of
windmills in the stop. I love this place cause you can see the windmills in the mountain and you can see the beautiful sea. This rock formation is amazing and I really want to approach it and touch it but you are not allowed to do so. We decided to but our Souvenirs  in that tourist spot. 100php for 7 keychains or ref magnets or mixed. Unlike to other tourist spots which is 5 for 100php for the keychains and 3 for 100php for the ref magnets. Our last spot before Patapat Viaduct, is the sea side Bangui Windmills. Strong winds and more people in that place. This is the first time I stepped to the ocean in the area. The water is cold and the waves are big. I decided to gather rocks so it can be the souvenirs for my officemates.

Finally after more than 2 hours drive and stopping over to this tourist spots, We reach the Patapat Viaduct and I found it now, not that amazing cause its afternoon. The last time I went here it’s early in the morning so the whole view is amazing. We never got to set foot on the proper Pagudpud beaches cause of lock off time. We decided to have our late lunch in Hannah’s Beach Resort (and by the way, Mutya Ng Pilipinas candidates stayed in the resort). Dave really want to do the zipline over the sea but we dont have time. We have ordered Halo Halo, Sinigang na baboy, and more and we ended up full. We never stop at Bantay Abot Cave and some of the beach front picture perfert spots. We rushed to get to Vigan cause we need to be there by 9pm cause all the stores do happen to close at the time. We just stopped once from Pagudpud to Vigan to make wiwi. And once we are parked, Chanlyn rushed to look for a store to shop. Well, me i just bought 2 XL sandos for my father (unfortunately it wont fit him). I remember Chanlyn not being happy with the first store we went to and rushed and disappeared to the very end of the store . We both Vigan Longganisa, Chitchacorn, ref magnets and suddenly some of the contestants of the Mutya ng Pilipinas are there. After the shopping, we went back to the car and drive thru in a McDonald’s where some of the Azkals players are ordering. We arrived in Manila around 330 – 4 in the morning and it was fast cause our driver is a racer. I know that the whole travel is tiring but happy cause I got to see this beautiful place even for almost 2 days. Maybe I will go back to Ilocos some day in the future, and I will definitely will.

(Photo credited to Chanlyn, Dave and Totz)


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