We woke up so early in the morning. Prepared our bags cause we got a lot of things to do, took a bath and watch tv while waiting for Dave to wake up cause he is like diesel, needs warm up. Our embotido, egg, steamed rice and Nescafe coffee breakfast didnt reach my large intestine but enough to get me to the day. Totz and Chanlyn needs to go to the market cause she needs to get a leggings cause Chanlyn is wearing a skirt and we are doing Sand Dunes. Around 830,the person who will pick us arrived. Its a ten to fifteen minute drive and from a far I can see the mountain of sands. When we stop and get off the vehicle, we need to register first and whole Sand Dunes experience just cause 2000php.

Its really a big open car. To get to the back of it you need to step in the wheels. Kuya driver informed us that we need to grip tight cause there are moments the car might go side ways. There are 3 stops in this journey. The ride to the first stop is not that exciting cause its a uphill climb. I hold on tight and my hips keeps on hitting the metal side. The first stop is on the top of a hill where you can view the whole Laoag. To the second stop ride is the rollercoaster ride. Super down slide and side ride on the vehicle. The stop is in the middle, they other side is you can see the West Philippine Sea and the other side is the mountain of sand. The third stop is just a flat ride to the shores. The shores of the West Philippine Sea is so cold and rocky. But the view is super nice. To capture the beauty of the shore, we are doing jump shots but I didnt do it.

The last stop, is kinda a long ride to this sand hill where people s slides and surfs in the sand. I tried sliding down the sand and its a disaster. Chanlyn tried it three times, Totz tried slides twice and try to surf twice and Dave did it one time sitting down and two times surfing. I must admit that the sun is shining hot but they like sliding to the sands. Souvenir photos from the vehicle ride and the sand slide will cost you 150php per photo but if you buy 5, they can transfer all your Sand Dunes photos in your smart phone or USB. But looking at the pictures, they are good pictures but we are missing Dave. I am more nanghinayang cause those are pictures of our memories in sand dunes.But its ok at least we didnt spend 750php for the pictures. Also I was lucky enough to see a person whole do the cartwheel and eat sand before leaving Sand Dunes.

(Photo credited to Chanlyn, Dave and Totz)


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