Looking for a funny movie to watch is hard and looking for a Filipino funny movie is even harder. Starring Derek Ramsey, Kiray Celis, Solenn Heussaff and Kean Cipriano in a really hilarious movie entitled Love Is Blind. The first time i have seen this film is when I’m in Cebu, in the hotel room. I didnt get the chance to start or end the film so I decided to watch it over again. I know that is everybody’s dream to notice by your crush and even a better dream if your crush will fall in love with you. The film is some kind of like that. This is the story of a young hotel intern played by Kiray when hotel guest played by Derek check in to the hotel. Kean’s character do sell different types of gayuma for different wants. Kiray contracted Kean to make Derek fall in love with her which the gayuma did but he is seeing Solenn’s image thru Kiray. I must say that the film is super funny especially that moment where Kiray seen the brief of Derek in the bathroom and the beach scene where they are running and foolig around and someone so them who came from a heartbreak then started to shout “May pag asa pa, thank you lord. Love is blind”. I cant stop laughing. Lets always remember that what is important is what you see from the outside, but whats inside. This is definitely one that you shouldnt missed.


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