Zombies, a train and a lot of desperate people running (riding a train rather) trying to escape this apocalyspe, that is the movie Train To Busan all about. The first time I’ve watched the trailer for thos movie, I was thinking that the director is brave in doing this type of film with the Asia twist that only Hollywood productions can pull through. I must say that I am blown away with the plot and how they played the scenes and the emotions of the actors are truly great. It catches all the age line with the actors and actresses they get to show how they will react on the situation, being attack by the undead. The plot of the film, about a father and daughter bonding going to Busan and riding a train. But chaos is starting to boom even before the train left the station where a girl who is beaten by a zombie entered the train and causing terror right and left. All they need to do is to survive. Film makers didnt just play with the idea of escaping danger but with emotions attached to the father and daughter characters. Effects are amazing, actors are great and it really deserves a sequel. My only problem with the film is towards the end where the pregnant woman is running to get into the train. If I am pregnant, the first strike of the zombie attack on the train, i might given birth or beaten by zombies. But running, I think pregnant woman cant do to much of it. I have never imagine that an Asian country can execute this beautiful movie and it’s really a must see movie. Just be prepared also to read the subtitles will enjoy it.


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