Track List:

1. Invitation

2. Make Me featuring G Eazy

3. Private Show

4. Man On The Moon

5. Just Luv Me

6. Clumsy

7. Do You Wanna Come Over?

8. Slumber Party

9. Just Like Me

10. Love Me Down

11. Hard To Forget Ya

12. What You Need

13. Better

14. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

15. Liar

16. If Im Dancing

17. Coupure Electrique

After along time, rejoice Britney soldiers cause she is back with new material from her new album, Glory. Britney Spears  really gives the best and the greatest for fans like us and I must say that this is one of her best album. The album features 12 original album tracks plus 5 additional tracks for the Glory Deluxe Edition. I must admit that this album shows growth with her music, sound and lyrics and less dance track but I know, it will be on the top of the charts. Opening the album is Invitation, gives that hunting feel where she wants you to put your love all over her. The track gives that kinda out of beat chorus with the slow feel but still good. The lead single from the album, Make Me featuring G Eazy gives that sexy beat accompanied with the very seductive and fun music video. Like the first track, its slow with a pop twist with that rap part by G Eazy makes the single more interesting. Private Show is not that kind of dance track but it makes my head bump and my body move. I also like the sexy message of this track especially the bridge. The fairytale like song, Man On The Moon, is like waiting for a prince charming coming from the moon. I easy beat and with that great lyrics really matches her voice and making it one of the best track from this album. Clumsy is a track from her album that I think that should be a single for this album with that EDM vibe with that clap movement this will be a sure hit.Do You Wanna Come? do feel like a recycled track from a previous Britney Spears album. I know, I heard this type of beat and lyrics from her other album. But still, its another track on the album that you can skip if you dont like it. Another sexy track from this album, Slumber Party, gives that vibe from a Beyonce track entitled Party but of course, that is me. I like the lyrics on this song and its makes me crazy listening to it. Just Like Me feels like a guitar play all over which sounded differently from her other songs. Another track that I want to be a single is Hard To Forget Ya gives that Britney over all package with the beat, lyrics and the feel and it makes all of us misbehaving listening to this song. Better  gives a real talk with the lyrics and I wonder why this track is an additional to the album cause this is much better than the other 12 tracks. It gives that snapping sound with that nice vocal from her makes this track amazing. Another track that should be included to the original 12 track album is Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) gives that salsa beat but this track will surely murder my repeat option. Liar gives that country rock pop feel just like her version of I Love Rock N Roll. Listening to this track goves me the vision again of her riding that mechanical bull and rocking this track away. I was expecting that the single Pretty Girls featuring Iggy Azelia will be included in this album, maybe because it didnt match the theme of the album. This album is really worth the wait cause she gave listeners not just sexy but grown up music to the world. This is one album you should miss listening.


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