I was looking for a good movie to watch when I stumbled to this movie on my must watch list and its really a must watch. Love Me Tomorrow stars Dawn Zulueta, Coleen Garcia and Piolo Pascual in a different love triangle. The story revolves to a young dj played by Piolo trying to be independent who is the fuck buddy of the character played of Coleeb who is all over him. Until he meet Dawn’s character in an accident and he started to like her. The film is not heavy on the other woman angle cause Piolo and Coleen’s characters are not together and not hair pulling scenes. Its simple, very titas of Manila but was able to tackle the aspects of this type of relationship. I cant deny that the acting and beauty of Dawn Zulueta is above everything, she nailed it. Probably, one of her best. And also the fashionably Coleen Garcia gives that tamed character but still super sexy. The ending do have a nice twist which I really like. I really want to see this kind of film cause its not heavy in people’s emotions but its really a great movie to watch.


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