Another Filipino gay funny film, That Thing Called Tanga Na plots on five friends which compose of Eric Quizon playing an old rich gay who likes Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor films, Kean Cipriano’s character is a successful fashion designer winner who fall in love to a guy who towards the end fall in love with a girl, Martin Escudero who plays a transgender woman who is having a love triangle with a family man which the wife accepted the situation, Billy Crawford who is the paminta security guard and in a relationship with another guy and Angeline Quinto plays the bestfriend of Kean who given birth to a child from a guy who got a huge tool and the first crush of Kean’s character. I like the twist and turns of the film and that little snippet of gay LGBT couples who are in a relationship for years is such an eye opener. The film also tackles different types of gay relationships that is happening now a days. I must admit, that the movie is a little funny but not trying hard. Simple and no hussle film and a good film to watch.


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