Track List:

1. Lotto

2. Lucky One

3. Monster

4. Artificial Love

5. Cant Bring Me Down

6. Cloud 9

7. Heaven

8. She’s Dreaming

9. White Noise

10. One And Only

11. They Never Know

12. Stronger

13. Monster LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix

Kpop has never been big since it invaded the music scene in the whole world. One of the best kpop boy band, EXO, is back with their third album, LOTTO: THE 3RD ALBUM. The singing group give us kpop at its best with that dance pop slow track that every fan will surely love. I know that there are times (or all the time) that we enjoy their songs but cant inderstand it.  The album is consist of 12 tracks plus 1 remix track. Starting the album is the single Lotto,  gives that regular EXO sound that I like from them. Giving that dance pop that im sure that you will definitely groove to it. Lucky One gives that smooth and groovy beat that Im sure that it will be a hit. Monster gives that Wolf single sound and beat  with a little slow. Artificial Love gives that EDM feel to tue groove but still a good listen. Cant Bring Me Down gives that pop rock in a very kpop way and it gives that creepy smooth feel. One dance romantic track is Cloud 9, feels like a normal track and didnt stand out from the rest. Showing a hiphop vibe to the track Heaven with the piano play in the beginning which is really nice. Another sweet track that I enjoyed listening is One And Only. Its not too dance, pop or slow but it really have a nice tune to it. Stronger, gives that feel that the boys can sing it during a rainy night in a cruise ship cause of slow emotion that song is giving to listeners. The only remix track from the album, Monster LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix which gives you that super dance feel unlike the original sound of this track that Im sure that they can play in party places. I surely miss listening to kpop music and this group never disappoint me. They give nice beat tracks and every kpop lover will surely enjoy.


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