I have this movie for a long time but this is the only time I got a chance to see it. The Scribbler is based on a graphic novel turned into film that tackles about a girl who do have multiple personalities. She is being cured by killing those personalities inside her but one of them, the Scribbler, wont let her leave her mind without a fight. She was leaving in an apartment with girls with different personalities, like the girl who got issues with clothes so she walks naked and the whole building do have a care taker which is a guy who mostly have a sexual relationships with its tenants. It has a simple effects but exaggerated acting which really compliments the whole film. Its crazy good movie with not that too much fight or drama scenes and I really dont know the graphic novel so I cant compare it. Its really a nice movie to watch but if this movie will be executed by a big production company, it will be like a Scarlett Johanson film and it will surely be a bigger hit.


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