Track Listing:

1. Russian Roulette

2. Lucky Girl

3. Bad Dracula

4. Sunny Afternoon

5. Fool

6. Some Love

7. My Dear

Another kpop girl band on the rise, Red Velvet, comes out with their Russian Roulette: The 3rd Mini Album. While listening to this EP, it brings back the feeling and tune that I like with Girls Generation. This EP is composed of 7 tracks that gives genre of sounds amd feel. The lead single, Russian Roulette, gives that very korean pop sounds that you can see the girl band dancing in a shy way. I love the beat and chill sound for this dance track. Doing basic sounds, Lucky Girl gives that very Las Vegas feel but that chorus part is so sweet. Bad Dracula gives that rock chick beat but still maintaining that signature tone. Towards the chorus part it became fast and its really nice to listen. The other track I really like cause it feels good to listen is Sunny Afternoon. With that soothing sound and easy listening track. Giving that Fool track a different attack by giving guitar as a lead instrument to this track and its like a beach song you can play. Some Love gives that pop hip hop mix to this song. It feels like this track can be done by Fifth Harmony or Little Mix cause of its sounds that is super girly. The last track, My Dear, gives that noce finish to this album. The whole album, I must say is one of kpop album that I have listened to and the whole EP tracks can really be a single with sure hit. I can listen to this album all day.


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