A Promise (2013 film).jpg

Another day, looking a a good movie to watch and I saw this, A Promise. The movie a time period film based on a novel, starring Rebecca Hall who plays the wife of sick business tycoon played by Alan Rickman who got a freshly graduated young man who played by Richard Madden. The film is a romantic drama who gives a twist in the relationship of Rebecca and Alan’s characters being in a love triangle with Richard’s character. The film really gives that emotion that is needed and that hiding the affair but the husband do know cause there is a part in the film that he said that he really plan for his wife to fall in love with his right hand man by letting him stay in their house.Also it gives us a glimpse of love during a war. It’s really a different kind of era in falling in love and you dont expect that putting his wife’s happiness first before anything else. Then after the war and a long period of time, they are reunited. I must say that with the time period films like this, with an accent is really hard to understand, so if you are catching this in dvd, you can always turn on the subtitles. This movie is one for the books.


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