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Track List:

1. Naluluha Ako – Kim Modina
2. Pabili Po – Banda Ni Kleggy and Aikee
3. Baliw Sa Ex-Boyfriend Ko – Suga ‘N Spice and Joan De
4. Pakisabi Na Lang – Ronnie Liang
5. When The Love Is Gone – Nina
6. Unlove You – Bea Lacson
7. Tama O Mali – Thyro and Yumi
8. Labis Kitang Mahal – Anja Aguilar
9. Ex – Climax
10. Porque – Maldita
11. May Forever Ba? – Aron Cadavas
12. Goodbye – Jinky Vidal

The ultimate hugot album of the 2016 with mixed sounds, rhythm, beat and taking with different kind of love in one album, Sawi Playlist: MOve In Para Maka-Move On. The album do have 12 tracks with the best singers, current and up coming artist that I’m sure you will all love. The ultimate sawi song from this album is the opening track, Naluluha Ako by Kim Mendoza. This is hardcore heart break song which she really sang with that emotion that I’m looking for this song. The song message that she gave everything, but her everything is not good enough. Saksak puso tulo ang dugo song. Banda ni Kleggy and Aikee collaborating with the track Pabili Po tells where he can buy love and he will definitely buy it. It gives that pinoy band sound with the right kind of rap that makes this track one of the best in this album. Giving that sweet pop beat that is about a girl broke up with her boyfriend and after a few months, she is still in love with her ex. The track is Baliw Sa Ex-Boyfriend Ko sang by Suga ‘N Spice and Joan De and its a great track to listen to. Ronnie Liang‘s rendition originally done by Aiza Seguera, Pakisabi Na Lang, giving the sang a manly side to it. I dont know but the track doesn’t connect to me maybe because he is just singing the song but not being in one with the track but still he gives a nice version. When The Love Is Gone which Nina lends her voice makes me cry in a rainy day thinking about a lost love gives that heavy ballad a nice aray in my heart. Bea Lacson gives that easy feel with her song Unlove You who sang about on how to teach her heart to fall out of love from him. Tama O Mali by Thyro and Yumi gives that Jadine’s duet tracks giving that message who decides what is wrong or right when falling in love. A heart fell track from Anja Aguilar, Labis Kitang Mahal, giving that she can do everything, even he broke her heart cause she love her so much. The song gives that very Angeline Quinto sounds with how this song sound and executed.Ex by Climax gives that little rock ballad track who sings about moving on but no matter he tried, his heart belong to the ex. One of my favorite track from this album is the song entitled Porque by Maldita. This track is mix with tagalog and chabacano which makes this track super nice to listen. One time, this track is on repeat cause it gives that heavy message but in a little sound that everybody really like to listen to.For me,Arron CadavasMay Forever Ba? was beautifully worded and he really sang this song great. And how to end this type of compilation album with Jinky Vidal‘s Goodbye which gives that heavy feeling of letting good. When I pick this album to review, I was thinking that it will be all heavy to the emotion but it shows that hugot songs can come to different type of music and its really nice cause they are able to mix the sound in one themed album. This is really a must have and listen album.


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