Image result for altitude.7 album

Track List:
1. Di Mo Lang Alam
2. Halika
3. Shooting Star
4. Napakagulo
5. Hinding Hindi Ako Susuko

An up and coming Filipino band, Altitude.7 release their first EP entitled Di Mo Lang Alam. The band gives that beautiful songs and very Pinoy tracks that I’m sure everybody will love. The album is composed of 5 mix tracks. Di Mo Lang Alam is the lead track, gives
the feel of the Twilight Saga song, Hundred Years by Christina Perri. The song tells the story of a boy feeling in love to a girl but unable to tell it to her which gives the kilig feel to it with the play with instruments. Halika gives that fast beat band sound that sounded nice and really good. The only English track from the album is Shooting Star, I like the smooth sound of this song and I really love the lyrics. Napakugulo, I dont know but this track sounded like the Halika track but with a little faster. The last track from this EP is Hinding Hindi Ako Susuko, is the best track in this album cause I feel that the sound is very unique to the band which separates them from other band in the country. I know that this music journey in this album is short but full of nice tracks. Im hoping to hear from them in the days to come.


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