Image result for ylona garcia my name is ylona garcia

Track Listing:
1. Prelude Intro (My Name Is Ylona Garcia)
2. Not Yo Bae
3. Stop Think
4. Dont Say Goodbye
5. Fly Tonight
6. Each Day
7. Stop The Bully
8. Win The Fight
9. Dahan Dahan Dahan Lang

Finally, a full album for this girl and I’m sure that I will definitely enjoy it a lot. Ylona Garcia‘s first LP album, My Name Is Ylona Garcia gives the rocker chick sounds that definitely fits here. The album is compose of 9 pop rock track with only one tagalog song. Giving that sweet rock track with the Prelude Intro (My Name Is Ylona Garcia) gives an amazing intro for an album. Im Yo Bae gives that strong message that she doesnt belong to anyone and she is independent. Stop Think gives a softer side of her with that guitar instrument makes you mellow on her voice which is really fantastic. Dont Say Goodbye I think is the best song on the album and the song really speak to the girl in her. Fly Tonight feels like a A Thousand Miles track and listening to this track twice, it feels like a foreign singer is singing this song which is really good. Stop The Bully gives that dance beat which I think is the track I like less cause I dont like the lyrics and melody of this song her. Win The Fight is slow pop track that I also dont like maybe, for me, I doesnt suits her voice very much. I feel like is kinda grown up for her.The only Tagalog track is Dahan Dahan Dahan Lang gives her signature sound when she sings Tagalog track. Her sweet voice really mesmerizing and she really is amazing. Hoping that her next tracks/album will be amazing and will be sounded just like her age.


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