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Track Listing:
1. Stuck (Acoustic) – Darren Espanto
2. Di Ka Man Lang Nagpaalam (Acoustic) Juan Carlos
3. 12:51 (Piano Version) – Krissy
4. God Gave Me You (Acoustic) – Nyoy Volante and
Sabrina Orial
5. Fix You (Unplugged) – Myk Perez
6. Maybe This Time (Acoustic) – Zendee
7. Caught In The Feeling (Acoutics) – Jason Dy
8. I Believe I Can Fly (Acoustic) – Janice Javier
9. Lord Patawad (Acoustic) – Bassilyo
10.Make You Feel My Love (Acoustic) – Paolo Onesa

Who doesn’t like hearing a beautiful song being done acoustic way. Well, I do. And with this latest compilation of tracks that I’m definitely know you will enjoy so much. #FeelGoodAcoustic gives the best of Filipino artist giving their acoustic version of fantastic songs. The album is composed of 10 tracks. Giving Stuck‘s acoustic version done by Darren Espanto makes me believe that there is forever. Beautifully done and his voice is great. Juan Carlos Labajo‘s Di Ka Man Lang Nagpaalam, sad song done acoustically and
it really makes me wanna cry. The ultimate Hugot track from album. Krissy‘s piano version of 12:51, doing it solo gives that heart-felt tone and sadness embraces my should with this amazing track. The duet of Nyoy Volante and Sabrina Orial with this must be a duet track, God Gave Me You Acoustic version. With their voice harmonizing for this song creates a perfect blend. Myk Perez‘s unplugged version of Fix You gives that amazing “You can do it” attitude single that really fit his voice. Zendee‘s version of Maybe This Time giving an acoustic vibe reminds me how to feel being in love that I really like. Caught In The Feeling with that acoustic life given by Jason Dy,gives that RnB touch and sway that I really like. I never imagined that Lord Patawad can be done acoustically and it was done perfectly by Bassilyo. This is the only track if is out of track from this album but its a nice curve ball. I don’t know but the last track from this album really made me cry. Make You Feel My Love sang by Paolo Onesa feels like the soundtrack of my life. So much emotion which amazing melody, what more I can ask for. This is an album that I can play whatever mode I am. When I’m sad, happy, in love and other else. This is a grand compilation album that everybody…as in everybody should have and listen to.


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