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Track List:
1. MiNd Of MiNdd (intro)
2. Pillowtalk
3. iT’s YoU
4. BeFoUr
5. sHe
6. dRuNk
8. rEaR vIeW
9. wRoNg Featuring Kehlani
10. fOoL fOr YoU
11. BoRdErSz
12. tRuTh
13. lUcOzAdE
14. TiO
15. BLUE

After he seperated himself from One Direction, Zayn Malik is releasing his first solo album, Mind Of MineDeluxe Edition.I must say that the album sounded very different from the One Direction sound that Im used of. The deluxe edition of his debut album is consist of 18 tracks with different ways that are lettered andspelled. Giving the intro to the album is MiNd Of MiNdd (Intro) sounds like a Gregorian Chant track which is different sounding. Pillowtalk, I like this single cause the lyrics are good, melody is catchy and with the haunting feel that every listeners will enjoy. IT’s YoU gives that slow romatic vide with
simple words and basic sounds making the track nice to listen to.BeFoUr gives that pop funky feel to the album, not that beat I like but maybe in time I will get to it.With electro haunting melody with a pop feel, SHe is a great track from the album and really
stands up from the rest of the album tracks. dRuNk just like song on the album with a little bit of lyrics and beat but still show how his voice can be great even in a simpliest song. Giving his biological sound with INTERMISSION flower that feels like Iranian language which I dont know the meaning but kinda nice but its like a cliffhanger track. rEaR vIeW sounds like a track that Sting is singing and also the melody which kinda weird hearing.Featuring Kehlani (which the first time I heard the name) for the song wRoNg, also gives that generic song throughtout the whole album and it feels that this track is kinda boring. fOoL fOr YoU, changing the mode of the album gives the piano instruments and nicely sang. I must say that this can be a single for this album cause it gives that oldies vibe with a jazz fusion. BoRdErSz is another nice single from this album and I really like listening to it cause it gives that relaxing feeling.When I first read the next track from his album,lUcOzAdE, what the heck is this. Then I search for it and its a drink.TiO
or Take It Off, is a sexy track and if this will be a single for this album, Im sure that the music video for it will be sure hot. One of the Deluxe track is LIKE I WOULD, gives a dance groove which I really like. Overall, the album do have a uniform beat and sound with different attack for the listeners. I must say that there are very few tracks that I have enjoyed listening and the rest are boring. Maybe, because I feel that vibe on each track are likely the same as the song before each track. Hoping for a better material from him.


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