This the movie of the broken hearted and moving on, Camp Sawi, starring Andi Eigenmann, Bella Padilla, Yassi Pressman, Kim Molina, Arci Munoz and Sam Milby. This film is about people who got their heartbroken in different stories of loving. But the film focuses in Bella’s character story of being with her boyfriend for 10 years and they’d broken up. You can see the 5 stages of grief to her character. The movie was shoot mostly in Bantayan in Cebu and its really amazing  plus the body beautiful girls.  The film do have a lot of funny moments like one girl threw a stone to another cause she thinks she is flirting with the camp master played by Sam’s character then in a videoke night one song was able to be united again by the song Dadalhin and that scene where one of the girl said that ” hindi lahat ng puso kagaya ng sayo, madaling magmove on”. There are some scenes that are not appropriate to movie but good inserts. I know that a tear will definitely fall from your eyes. I did and I will definitely watch it again.


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