Track List:

1. Carrie (The First Day)

2. Carnival (The Last Day)

3. The Forest Of Flies

4. Secret

5. Begin Again (Instrumental)

This is the first time im listening to this korean pop star named Gain with her recent EP album entitled End Again. This is just a five track album that really feels alot of instruments and very sounded basic. Opening the EP is Carrie (The First Day)  gives that Brown Beat All Star lead singer with that jazz unplugged sounds with that band instruments and trumphets. Carnival (The Last Day) gives a happy vibe on this track with the play of rhythm and tone that makes this track amazing. The Forest Of Fireflies is not an ordinary love song cause I got that fairy tale feel and like a dream sequence. Another beautiful track from this EP is Secret  gives that latin vibe and still being pop that will surely groove you body. Begin Again (Instrumental)  i think came from a fantastic soundtrack. Overall, this EP is amazing and I hope she can release a full album soon


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