Image result for Apink pink revolution

Track Listing:
1. Only One
2. Oh Yes
3. Boom Pow Love
4. Fairy
5. Drummer Boy
6. To.Us
7. Ding Dong
8. Catch Me
9. The Wave

The third LP from Korean girl band APink, Pink Revolution, gives 9 tracks pop dance song that are nice. The songs from this album is not that strong like Girls Generation or 2NE1. Only One is the first track from the album and its a mellow pop track that feels like 80’s again. The groove and melody sounded fine but I’m not used to a Korean pop going this type of sound but still nice. Oh Yes, which is a little bit faster than the first track. Also feels an old song from the 80’s but do have better vibe than the first track. The first track that I really love from this album is Boom Pow Love, this really speaks the Korean sound that Im looking for. Groovy and the sound is very modern pop. A sweet love song for the track Fairy gives a beautiful melody which puts me in my sleeping mode. Drummer Boy should be a single from this album cause its a nice to listen song. With its catchy beat
and nice melody, it can be a success. Another sweet sounding love song is To.Us. I like listening to this track even though I dont know the mean of the song if this is a love song or for broken hearted. Ding Dong gives that slow vibe pop that is super girly. Catch Me gives that dance pop that is very simple but sweet kpop. The whole album is a nice listen.


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