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Another night of nothing to watch, then while Im channel surfing, I got Cinema One. Maybe something interesting will be played and no doubt they did. The movie is from Cinema One Originals entitled Red which stars Jericho Rosales as the lead. At the beginning of the story where this radio voice talent is telling a story about his friend named Red. Red do have a lot of contacts with illegal works and cleaning up the mess that big people who committed crime done. I like the love story of the young Red and the girl who is he stalking.How simple his life is and how he survive. You really know that the film is very indie but still trying to be up scale. Trying to give that 80s vibe. I also like the one voice acting and how he became the side kick. No big action scenes, just a very simple way of telling a story. What I dont like about the film is how Jericho’s trying to have a Ilonggo accent. The movie do have alot of twist and turns especially when Red went to Manila to visit his girlfriend only to find out she found a new love and that part where he was abducted. First scene, he was able to fight against his abductors and on the later part of the film he died, which confuses me. But still the films really spoke to its audiences and I really love the elements put in this film.


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