Track List:
1. Gising
2. Languyin
3. Unstable
4. Laro
5. Misteryoso
6. Mapa
7. Close Your Eyes
8. Balik
9. Dahilan
10. Hanap

When I’m browsing Spotify and looking for OPM albums that just got released, I saw this sounds like a new band to my ears. The band’s name is Autotelic with their brand new album entitled Papunta Pabalik. Actually, the band has been for many years and I think that this is their third album. Listening to this album feels like I’m listening to Sandwich which is another Pinoy band . The album is compose of ten nice and easy to listen tracks. Opening the album is the lead track entitled Gising which gives the cool sound, talking about how to take life easy and it feels like a Raymond Marasigan band would sing. Lalaguyin talks about LDR or Long Distance Relationship (or so I thought) which gives that underwater feel with the sound selection. Unstable gives that little disco feel with this song but still keeping the romantic feel on it. If this song is a person, I will hug him cause I really love this track. I dont know but another track that I also like from this album cause of its simplicity of the lyrics and sound, Laro should be a single for this album where they can feature kids playing in the music video. Singing about a girl who enchanted the man who is telling her how she mesmerize him with the song, Misteryoso. Giving that light band and electronic sound that really blends great. Mapa do have the feel that this is a track the Gary Valenciano is singing way back in the 80’s but they nailed this track with that guitar and drum play. The track, Close Your Eyes, feels like a track sang by Hale cause of the lyrics and the sound. Maybe, this is the track that I don’t like cause it doesn’t sound like the other songs. It feels like its a copy of another band style. Another track that I really love listening is Balik, it gives the message on how we can turn back time when we are young and free. The last track from the album is Hanap which gives a romantic feel to the playlist. The whole album is full of nice songs and great listen. Their sound is unique and again its very easy to listen to.


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