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What happen to a movie when you put the star for all season, Ms Vilma Santos and the beautiful Angel Locsin, the result is Everything About Her. This is a story of a self center owner of a real state company who is very terrorizing to everybody until she found out that she has stage three cancer. And she needs to have a personal nurse which is Angel’s character who needs to have a good job to support her family and to fund her dreams on working abroad.I must say that the plot of this film is predictable like in Filipino tv series but its still fun to watch. It’s like the Devil Wears Prada only on the lighter side. I had a good laugh especially the first part where Angel needs to cope with Vilma’s character in her fast pace life. But of course every terror boss do have a soft side. When it comes to her son played by Xian Lim‘s character who longs for a mother care since he was little. I do like how the little side stories on the film collaborate with the whole story. The film is such an exquisite and really a must watch film.


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