Encore album cover.jpeg

Track List:
1. Intro (A86)
2. Middle featuring Bipolar Sunshine
3. Sahara featuring Skrillex
4. Sober featuring JRY
5. Pigalle featuring Moksi
6. Talk featuring George Maple
7. Ocho Cinco featuring Yellow Claw
8. The Half featuring Jeremih, Young Thug and Swizz Beatz
9. Oh Me Oh My featuring Travis Scott, Migos and G4shi
11.4 Life featuring G4shi
12.Future, Pt. 2 with Bipolar Sunshine
13.Let Me Love You” featuring Justin Bieber
14.Here Comes the Night featuring Mr Hudson

French DJ, DJ Snake releases his debut album Encore which is a jam pack of EDM and fantastic sound. The album is composed of 14 tracks that has amazing mix of sounds that everybody will love listening.The album do sound very Justin Bieber’s Purpose but of course putting his own touch cause this is the first album and he wanted to have a blast. Introducing the album is Intro (A86) gives a nice start for the album but for the A86, I dont know what’s the meaning of it. The first single on this album is Middle featuring Bipolar Sunshine gives the basic sound of a great club song but wait on the chorus part which I really like. That electronic spoken words is definitely fantastic style.
Sahara featuring Skrillex is collaboration of different DJ-ing skills and style that gives this
track that EDM vibe with a twist of electronic pop on the side.Jry leading his voice for the track entitled Sober,I really like tome and rhythm of this song and its really great to dance to.The ultimate dance track on this album is Pigalle featuring Moksi giving the DJ
for dance track that you can play all night. Ocho Cinco featuring Yellow Claw gives that fast beat electronic beat which kinda mix of different music genre and style. Mixing rap/hip hop with The Half featuring Jeremih, Young Thug and Swizz Beatz which I feel do feel dont fit on this type of album, I feels more hip hop that mixed track. Oh Me Oh My featuring Travis Scott, Migos and G4shi is more rap that the other track which kinda weird in this type of album cause I this two tracks will be single, I will be thinking that its a single for the artist just featuring DJ Snake. Propaganda gives the Dj skill that Im looking for and such and amazing and good listen track. I like the disc scratching and how he plays
with different kind of mixes that makes this track fantastic.4 Life featuring G4shi is an ok track for me. I do feel that this is a combination of the dj sound with the hip hop blend. The signature sound of DJ Snake with the track with Justin Bieber, Let Me Love You. Their collaboration is amazingly made in heaven and Im sure it will be a hit. It feels like his
music compliments the voice of Bieber that’s the reason it sounds so good. This LP give my hearing senses a rollercoaster of sounds that he can definitely offer not just EDM but also genre of music. I can wait to hear new material from him soon.


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