The Purge Election Year.png

Finally that the new part on The Purge series is out. The new installment is entitled The Purge:Election Year. This installment focuses on the purge year where election is being done. This is the story of two presidential candidates, Charlie who is a senator and the only survivor in his family during a purge year and a minister who is trying to protect the rights of purging. On the night of the purge, Charlie, stayed at his house just the regular American to win votes of the majority with his trusted bodyguard. But when their security got compromise they escape and get along with the character of a convenient store owner who is trying to protect his store from a bunch of psychopath teenagers. The film do have a wide range of characters connecting to the whole plot of the movie. I also would like to know if the yearly purge will end. I must say that this part is not that violent and less blood than the two first films. I read that there will be a prequel on how the purge started. If you like bloody films and watched the first two part, this will complete the trilogy.


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