Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty album.png

Track List:

1. Dare
2. Legendary
3. I.C.Y.M.I.
4. Thirsty
5. Love of My Life
6. Hide Away
7. Cool
8. Sit Still, Look Pretty
9. Talk
12.Back to Me
13.Got the Feeling
14.We Are

Daya‘s debut album Sit Still, Look Pretty gives the best songs from a new act after so many years. Some tracks on this album is from here self titled EP, Daya.I need to say that the whole 14 tracks are beautiful and good lyrics that’s what I love.Dare is the first track from the album and it sounds like a track from The Chainsmokers playlist. It gives the bubble pop sounds with a bit of electric vibe.With the slow sound with the track Legendary gives that experience should be like the song title. I.C.Y.M.I or In Case You Miss It, is another track that I like listening cause of the easy feel it gives me with the tempo of the track and the nice lyrics. Thirsty gives that superb pop sound that you can associate with a very fun and young music video.With the groovy track,Love Of My Life, where the lyrics goes she is looking for the love of her life with that electro pop twist to the song. Hide Away feels like a Sia song with the tone and piano (I think), the song feels like a leaving free song.This track, Cool, feels like a sequel to the Hide Away song because it feels the same tone.My favorite song from this album is the album’s title, Sit Still, Look Pretty talks about being independent and dont want to be control. I also like the beat and lyrics is beautifully written. Talk gives a bit of rapping lyrics sounds but still maintaining her signature sound with that hip hop rhythm that I really love to listen over and over again.Another amazing track is Words with basic sounds but strong message. Also it feels that all songs from this album, this track do have the African vibe going to the chorus.Back To Me is a strip down song that plays a piano at the beginning and as it progress, it became a fantastic track. I know that over all that the album is not too original for the listening audience but the songs , i mean almost all the song can be a single from her album. She is really good and I love the materials on this album for each and every song. Hoping to hear more from here.


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