Tim Pavino

Track List:

1 Good Vibes
2 If You Never Crossed My Life featuring Morissette
3 I’d Do Anything
4 Nothing Without You
5 Your One & Only Man
6 Starlight
7 Story of My Life
8 Maghihintay Pa Ba
9 Pagsikapan Mo
10 ‘Pag Pwede Na Ang Puso Mo
11 Patuloy Ang Pangarap featuring Angeline Quinto
12 Good Vibes Theo Martel Remix
13 If You Never Crossed My Life (Minus One)
14 Nothing Without You (Minus One)
15 Story of My Life (Minus One)
16 Maghihintay Pa Ba (Minus One)
17 Pagsikapan Mo (Minus One)

A The Voice alumni, Tim Pavino releases his self titled album, Tim Pavino. Overall the album is composed of 11 tracks, 1 remix and five minus one track that I’m sure you will fall in love with him listening to the album.Good Vibes gives how fall in love his in putting it to the song lyrics. The sound of the track is very pinoy and everybody will surely love it. A duet with Morisette, If You Never Crossed My Life, gives the song an amazing tone, rhythm and being thankful that they came acrossed with each other lives. I’d Do Anything gives that soft ballad feel with his version of this song. I like the love the way he sang it. Continuing the ballad feel on this album is Nothing Without You, gives that perfect wedding song that you can march to. Giving that pop sound with the track Your One & Only Man makes me fall in love with him. The track and sound of it really fits his style of singing. I don’t know if the track Story Of My Life which is a One Direction reveal track only gives the minus one version cause there is no voice on the whole song. Pagsikapan Mo is one of the best track on this album, simple lyrics and message giving that message not to give up.Giving Patuloy Ang Pangarap featuring Angeline Quinto gives this version an excellent remark and their voice really blends with each other. Their voice doesn’t empower each other and its really a fantastic listen. Good Vibes (Theo Martel Remix) gives move sound effects to the track making it more lovely and a little dance track. My assessment for his debut album is even he is a newcomer he was to deliver great songs and bring it on his style. And I must say with the track list and the minus ones, its really a sulit to listen album.


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