Rihanna - Anti.png

Track List: 

1. Consideration featuring SZA
2. James Joint
3. Kiss It Better
4. Work featuring Drake
5. Desperado
6. Woo
7. Needed Me
8. Yeah, I Said It
9. Same Ol’ Mistakes
10.Never Ending
11.Love on the Brain
13.Close to You
14.Goodnight Gotham
16.Sex with Me

I know is a little late to review the album but this is the only time I got to listen to her album. Rihanna’s latest album entitled Anti Deluxe Edition, sounded different from the club dance tracks she always sings with a slow tamed tone and beat. The whole album composed of 13 regular tracks and 3 additional tracks for the deluxe edition. It’s kinda weird hearing Rihanna singing not an R&B and dance song but what ever she decide to do with her music is all up to her and really sounded great. Opening the album is the track entitled Consideration which feels like a Jamaican vibe and bit but with hip hop flavor featuring SZA. One of the song from this album is Kiss It Better, I like the slow feel and how she talks about relationship on this song which makes this track a great listen. The lead single from the album with Drake, Work gives that dance feel to the LP but not too much dance. Yes I know that you need to read the lyrics so you will understand what she says during the chorus part. Desperado feels like a song that is written by Kanye West for here cause it gives that western feel with that beat of the music. Needed Me gives that down tempo with a small amount of electronic sound giving that romantic message on the song. Another slow track is Yeah, I Said It with the urban feel to the groove of it. I think that the longest track in this album is Same Ol’ Mistakes with the hunting/ghostly sound of her voice which I had a hard time getting the message of the song. Giving the acoustic feel with the guitar play, Never Ending, makes this track beautiful. A very classically sound song, Love On the Brain, and she really nailed this track. It feels like she is singing it unplugged. Sounding just like the track before it, Higher. This might be like a part too of it but in this track she is singing her heart’s out. Singing about being safe for the track Close to You. This is my favorite track from this album. Giving that nice hiphop R&B track, Pose sounded like not Rihanna and the beat is kinda weird.I was thinking that her first three singles that was released, FourFiveSeconds, American Oxygen and Bitch Better Have My Money but didnt make the cut. I like her experimenting different genre on this album but I love her with dance tracks also that this album lacks but still a nice to listen album.


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