Track List:

1. 7 Minutes

2. Starlight

3. Parachute

4. Hanggang Hi Hello

5. Alam

6. Talking Bout Love

7. My Baby & Me

8. Be With Me

9. Surrender

10. Home

11. 7 Minutes Acoustic

The latest album of Darren Espanto will surely make you listen to it over and over again. Be With You gives you a different sound from what we used to hear from him but I know its a great album to listen to. 10 beautiful tracks plus a treat with one acoustic version of the song. 7 Minutes gives that foreign sounding tone that I really like. It feels like a pop romantic but giving that love groove with the melody. Giving that bubble pop dance track, Starlight gives the vibe and im sure that you will be dancing at no time. Parachute do have the EDM feel but a little slow.It feels like the voice was fixed too much for this track but even, he is amazing.Hanggang Hi Hello, I really like him singing Tagalog tracks cause it really gives the freshness and best on his best. Singing about how he got a crush with this girl hoping that she also feels the same.  Alam feels like a slow track that he can see great live minus that bubble sounds at the background cause piano will surely make this track a success. Another track that I like listening is Talking Bout Love cause its just piano, guitar and his voice. Talking about him and her and made me fall in love with this song in an instant. Be With Me which is the title track of the album still have the raw but modern feel with the rhythm and lyrics. I feel that Surrender is the most powerful track from this album with music and voice, it gives the Pop Princess soynd but still his own. 7 Minutes Acoustic Version, nice listen but I was thinking that its really an acoustic different version. Its the original track minus the fancy sounds on the background. It feels like the album is like Justin Bieber’s Purpose album cause of the sound mixes on the tracks. But overall, its really good to listen to this kids songs and I like this album.


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