Ghostbusters 2016 film poster.png

This all female reboot of Ghostbusters (or also know as Ghostbusters : Answer The Call) gives a new twist to the whole franchise with four women as lead and a gorgeous guy as the receptionist. The film stars Melissa Mccarty who plays the nerdy paranormal researcher who needs to prove that ghost are real, Kristen Wiig who is a professor in a university, Kate McKinnon who is an engineer who builds all the weapon of the team, Leslie Jones who is a ticket lady in a train station and Chris Hemsworth who is the not so brainy receptionist. The plot of the movie revolves when ghost sightings started in New York and this female group who needs to prove that ghost are real. Then they decided to call their group in a very scientic way but reporters call them The Ghostbusters. And they are trying to stop a bad guy who is obsess in opening a portal, releasing different ghosts in the planet. I really love the effects that this movie gives to the audience especially the last part it where theyre all fighting different monsters. I must say that the whole film is not as bad as the reviews everywhere cause I really enjoyed watching it. Maybe the film does lack of comedy but over it so many nice scenes like Hemsworth dancing with his body. I really also that post credit scene with a new enemy and that plan for a sequel is a fantastic idea. I believe that people will definitely. I think that you dont judge a movie from reviews until you watch it with my own eyes. Its really a film that you should watch.


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