Image result for La-Boum love sign album

Track List:
1. Shooting Star (Intro)
2. Pyong Pyong (Shooting Love)
3. Ding Dong
4. oops!
5. Like U Love U featuring Yun of Lunafly
6. Pyong – Pyong (Shooting Love) – Instrumental

Another KPOP girl band on the loose giving great dance pop tracks that everyone will surely love to listen, La-Boum‘s Love Sign. Album is composed of a total of six tracks, including the intro track and one instrumental. Giving that magical introduction to
their EP, Shooting Star (Intro) gives that cool beat. With the bubble pop sound that makes your feet move is Pyong Pyong (Shooting Love). It gives that fast beat sound that makes your body to move to the music and I feel its really a Korean track sound. Another fast
beat track is Ding Dong which is a really nice track to listen to. The very girlie track on this album is Oops! gives the sweetness and teen vibe to this song. Featuring Yunof Lunafly, Like U Love U gives that pop band with that dance feel. I love listening to this EP
cause all of the tracks are really upbeat and you can also listen to it over and over again. I hoping that the can release a full length album.


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