Sausage Party.png

Not all animated movie is for the young ones, Sausage Party is an adult animated film which stars grocery items. The film stars Set Rogen as the sausage who is in love with a hotdog bun voice by Kristen Wiig who are blamed by a bottle drink who wants to get revenge to them cause he was not able to get out of the grocery store, voice by Jonah Hill. This is the story of grocery items who believes that when they are taken out from the grocery store they will go to food heaven. But in reality, foods got tortured going outside and they needed proof to tell the others. I like the naughtiness of the whole film but still being an adult. And at the very end of the film where they have that food orgy left me in shock. Animation and unpredictable events throughout the film was fantastic. I know that the movie might have a sequel but watching this movie makes me feel good. Let me think that if food can rally to people Im absolutely sure that it will be a disaster.


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