1. Very Very Very

2.Hold On

3. More More


5. M – Maybe

I really cant get enough of Korean Pop sound. Now with an all girl band I.O.I. with their mini album Miss Me?. The album is compose of five tracks but they are super good, believe me.

*Very Very Very – gives that Gee sound by Girls Generation, with fast beat, rhythm and very dance track.

*Hold On – giving a rollercoaster sound which gives you slow then getting great. I dont know whats the message of the song but it doesnt sound boring and I might play it again.

*More More – gives that sexy tone and its a very chill track that you can bump and grind to it.

*PING PONG – I dont know but this track i dont like. Its like a combination of music style but didnt kick my hearing sense. Maybe because of the double vocal that I’m hearing to the sound which is overwhelming.

*M – Maybe – this is the track i feel that is so this girl band. I like the beat alot and that Na Na Na moment is beautiful.

I’ve enjoyed listening to this mini album and I know that even this album do have a few tracks, I’m telling you that its a nice listen and some of them you can put in loop.


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