1. Diamond Hear
2. A-YO
3. Joanne
4. John Wayne
5. Dancin’ In Circles
6. Perfect Illusion
7. Million Reasons
8. Sinner’s Prayer
9. Come To Mama
10. Hey Girl ft. Florence Welch
11. Angel Down


I never thought that she would comeback with a bang after Artpop going to the drain, Lady Gaga releases fifth studio album entitled Joanne. The title is the name of his father’s sister who had been her inspiration. The album is compose of 11 beautiful (and I considered as sounding raw) tracks that I didnt imagine singing this type of songs. Here are some tracks from the album and how they sound for me:

*Diamond Heart – the sound of it is a rock chick with a strong vocal and raw band sound that is not so her.

*A-YO – still giving that rock pop sound with clapping beat. I so love this track and I’m hoping that this will be a single.

*Joanne – it feels like a very sincere track with a guitar play that is so great to listen to.

*John Wayne – this sounds like her type of music only tamed down. Still giving that rock pop feel to it.

*Perfect Illusion – the lead single from the album and its a fast song and I do have a fantastic lyrics. When I first heard it, it feels like crazy but I really sounded great even its not that dance pop electronic type of music which im used to.

*Million Reasons – another track that I love from the album cause I love the message of the song which tells us that she do have a lot of reason to let go but only one to stay. I also like the unplugged feel on this track which makes her voice amazingly nice.

*Hey Girl – this is a slow song and when I will hear it in the radio, I will not recognize that its her cause here voice is so powerful performing this song which makes me a Gaga fan.

I know that this album is very different from her usual dance tracks and crazy album covers and music genre but I like her more here. Its like a 360 degree turn from one genre of music to another but she definitely killed it. It only means that she can do anything with here music and be great at it.


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