Blake Lively escaping a shark attack in her latest movie The Shallows. Who can’t deny that she is undeniably beautiful and her gorgeousness can be watch on the film. This is a story about a girl who is fulfilling her dream where they mother wanted to go to surf Mexico and she did it alone. Surfing in this paradise is a nice scene in the film until she is about to wait for then last wave of the day when she saw a body of a dead whale. She surf on the last wave but unfortunate for her, she crash to the water and ocean floor cause her to cut that attracted the large shark. Then she got stuck in a rock but time is running out. I really like this film and I didn’t pee or eat and I watching it very closely. You know the excitement that I have for this movie. Even the film is just a one actor movie she killed it and a success for me. Its been too long since I’ve watched a nice movie and this movie is one of the best movie and must watch of the year.


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