Track List:

1. Dahil Sayo
2. Binibini
3. Dito
4. That Hero
5. Fallen
6.Your Love
7. Ikaw At Ako
8. Live Life Brighter
9. Dito Acoustic Version
10. Lullabye – Bye

I never imagined that this kid will have his own LP, Iñigo Pascual releases his self titled debut album. I must say that I’m impressed with his voice and he can really sing. The album gives 9 tracks with one acoustic version. Dahil Sayo gives that simple beat with nice lyrics that Filipino listeners will surely love. I love the track but not how it ended, feels like bitin. His dance version of Pinoy classic Binibini. His version gives a new life to the track and it became RnB than the classic sound of the song. I think that the song Dito is the best track on this album cause of gives that Justin Bieber feel but still have his own swag to the track. That Hero gives that fast and dance track with some electronic beat that can be another track to be launch as a single. Fallen gives the romantic side on his voice with the guitar play and well written track. When i was listening to this track , I lay down in my bed and close my eyes and enjoy it. Ikaw At Ako, is another track that I love lyrically especially the part with the part Queso na kung Queso. With that tone that I super love and very funny song to dance to. Live Life Brighter is from an insurance company jingle which is very catchy and very summer. If I love the original track, Dito Acoustic Version, gives the love mood on the air and the raw on his voice showing that he got voice. Over all, his album exceed my expectation. Cause there are trying to be singers whose voice are being fix but he gives talent. The album is fantastic and a must listen


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