Track List:


2. what U need?


4. MYM

5. MYM Acoustic Version


Lay or known as Zhang Yixing, a member of the Korean boy band EXO, releasing his first EP Lose Control Mini Album. Unlike most kpop album it doesnt give you dance tracks but nice slow tracks. The EP is compose of 5 tracks and 1 acoustic version. The title track of the album, LOSE CONTROL, is a slow RnB track that gives a different vibe in kpop and his song being a boy band member. Sounded mature and heart felt. what U need? gives a little fast beat and I think that this song is close to the kpop tracks. Im sure that you will be bouncing from left to right. Giving sexiness to the song TONIGHT but it feels that the track is a little of bit cause of too much overlapping voices which sounded very odd. MYM gives the feel of the title track of the album with a bit of change of some musical arrangements. MYM Acoustic Version sounds much better than the original giving that guitar feel that makes me to listen to it over and over again. With this version I feel the rawness of his voice and how good a singer he is. Sounding different in the last album track, RELAX, its like Usher level of groove. I dont doubt that reason why this album is such a success in Korea. Even the album is only giving few tracks but still offers great music that the whole world can listen to


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