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Track List:
1. Say It Again featuring C- Tru
2. Rescue Me
3. One Way
4. You Got Somebody
5. I Dare You
6. Your Guardian Angel
7. To The Ends Of The Earth
8. Say It Again – Back Tracking
9. Rescue Me – Back Tracking
10. One Way – Back Tracking
11. You Got Somebody – Back Tracking
12. I Dare You – Back Tracking
13. Your Guardian Angel – Back Tracking
14. To The Ends Of The Earth – Back Tracking

He is back with a brand new album, actually his third to be exact. Alden RichardsSay It Again is a pop album that everybody will surely love listening. The album is composed of 14 tracks that sounded very different from his first two album. Opening the album is with Say It Again featuring C-Tru which is a pop dance track that with rap.I feel that I]m listening to a different artist cause it doesn’t sounded like him but I really like the mix of the song. Rescue Me is a romantic slow track that gives that Demi Lovato vibe. I like that smooth sound that it gives to listeners with the piano and violin instruments. With the pop rock sound with the song One Way. I feel that instruments are empowering his voice on this song. Another track that I really like listening is You Got Somebody, I like how the song played and lyric and that cool beat that makes the song very chill. I Dare You gives that dance feel again and I will surely move with this groove. Your Guardian Angel brings that angelic voice of him and I think that this song is made for him. I gives that beautiful melody that is so him. The other 7 tracks are minus ones that you can really sing along with. I must say that this is his second best album cause I like the second album much better but with this LP it shows diversity in the music he can do. The only thing that I can say negative to this album is it doesnt have a Tagalog song but who cares cause I really like it alot.


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