Track List:

1. Hypnotized
2. Permanent
3. Kung Pwede Lang
4. Once Upon A Time
5. Heaven Made
6. Just Cause You Want To
7. Permanent – Acoutic
8. Kung Pwede Lang – Acoutic
9. Oh Boy
10. Paradise
11. Kung Pwede Lang – Minus One Version

After a long time, finally Sabrina, the acoustic princess simply goes with the same of her album title, Sab. It do have the feel of her signature guitar play but exploring different horizon moving forward with her music career. Her brand new album gives 8 fantastic songs, 2 acoustic versions and 1 minus one track that you will keep playing everywhere.

* Hypnotized – gives a very chill and easy to listen song. This is what I like about her music, I gives you the blow right away as the tracks progress and not wait for listeners to skip to the next track.
* Permanent – this is the track that I will listen over and over again. I dont know but listening to the melody and lyrics makes me happy. Maybe because I can feel the love in this track that empowers not only me but all of us listeners of her music.
* Kung Pwede Lang – I dont know but this track killed me inside. The song talks about when I did this then we are still together. This os one of my favorite song.
* Heaven Made – this track is the type of song you cannot escape but fall in love.
* Just Cause You Want To – I love this track cause it gives the beauty in starting my days. It gives you advises on having a simple moment in your day.
* Permanent Acoustic – I super love the regular track but this acoustic version is amazingly great. There is with acoustic and her that makes every songs fantastic like this one.
* Oh Boy – gives that bubble pop acoustic feel on this song. It feels like this is a track on having a crush with a boy and disregarding her feelings.

I love listening to this album cause it gives a different feel cause its an all original song album which give her more character in her own style and melody but still with the well loved acoustic feel. If If I can, I will make all the track on this album a single cause they are all hits for me.


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